Free in the nature – Mark a place during hiking

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Free in the nature – Mark a place during hiking

We are often hiking in the mountains. A managed alpine pasture or a super vantage point are always important to us. We therefore save the places in POI MAP to find them again on the next vacation.

The special feature of the APP is the speed in which a point can be created. If this point also has additional information available on the Internet, these are automatically transferred to the entry. So we have at any time the current information phone number, web address, …

If you also want to try it. It is free and available on iOS and Android. As an additional feature you can share your places with friends cross platform.

There is a free version with the basic features available and a PRO version with additional features to increase the usability like satellite view of the map of your places, import/export by KML and GPX, and much more. So you are as flexible as needed to secure your places on your device for any further use.

Try it!


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