Incredible fast bookmarking your actual location based on GPS information, picture you take or positioning in the map app of iOS and Android. Track all your places.

Places Around You

Find places of interest around you by our HERE™ based search engine. Or search your own database by keyword, tag, category… Never miss a place you’ve been.

Map + Navigate

Search in your private database for places you’ve been or you want to go. Navigate to them direct or book a ride by UBER™ / Lyft™ easily.

Share with Friends

Share your places with friends and family. Meet each other or suggest them a sight they must see. Use the database to store and share your places of interest.

Easy to use

Bookmark for any places

Within seconds you can bookmark a place, store it in your personal poi database. No other can see this place if you dont share it. It is completely secure. Enrich your places of any kind a notice, pictures, ranking, category,…

GPS position

Use the GPS of your device or of a taken picture. Point on a place on the map, and we recognize the coordinates. It is all around the GPS position.

Individual Point of Interest

Any location can be saved. Everywhere in the world. We enrich it with existing information of the internet if available.

Mark, save and share

Mark a place you’ve been or a place you want to visit. Save it with a few clicks and share it with a friend if you like.

List, map, satellite, navigation,…

Perfect overview of your places. Find any place on the map or search in a list by categories, #tags, personal notes, locations, name, …

Your Personal Database of POIs

Store all the information you need in one place. Your phone remembers every place you’ve been and guides you there again.

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private GPS based database

It is as you use it

Have you ever missed a location you have been before? A perfect place to eat, a nice shop, a top of a mountain with a perfect view, a recreation point, a wonderful building… 

With POI MAP you store your points of your interest within seconds and are able to find them anytime.

See how Customer use POI MAP

Privacy first

Only on your device with backup and share functionality. An entry is automatically stored with the geo-information.

Mark every location

Define your points by categories, tags, notes, pictures as you want. Use it for everything in combination with the geo coordinates. Mark sights, bars, restaurants, churches, … what every you like.

Find your Places

Wherever you are, find it in a list or on a map. Show the POI around you or search within all your entries in your database by name, category, tag, location,… .

Use your pictures

Take a picture and we do the rest. Share it with POI Map and we use the geo information for the new entry.


Try it for FREE – or use the PRO version with aditional features.


$ 0.00 

Your database of places for free

  • all details about the place
  • own categories and #tags
  • Ranking, notes and own pictures
  • Contact details (phone, address, web,…)
  • Timestamp – Actuality of the information


$ 1.99

Upgrade to PRO  – on-time fee

  • same as free – plus
  • Satellite View on integrated map
  • Direct navigation + UBER / Lyft Integration
  • Addition search functionality
  • Expert mode + import/export via KML/GPX

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