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Description POI MAP

POI MAP is a database for personal Points oInterest, also called PPoI (Personal Point oInterest). 

With POI MAP you store personally interesting locations oriented to the geo-information of the location. A free text description, a 5-star rating, categorization and the assignment of individual tags and images allow a quick overview of the personally interesting locations. Sharing functions for exchanging with others as well as navigating to the location complete the range of functions.application purpose 

With POI MAP  you can record places within a city as well as via GPS coordinates in the open terrain. Depending on availability on the Internet, additional information will be added.

The entry

With POI MAP you can enter any location that has GPS coordinates within a city, as well as in open terrain. Depending on availability on the Internet, additional information is added. Own notes, individual tags and categories as well as a 5 star rating provide transparency even with large amounts of data. Advanced search function and display of locations in the surrounding area.

Create entry

Create a new entry via “+”. You will automatically get into the selection of the place About the GPS coordinates of the current location, a free selection via the map or suggested places which the APP has found in your area. In the field “Title” you can assign a name or it will be transferred from the selection of places in the area. You can repeat this process at any time. This is the minimum necessary input. Click on Save, or confirm the saving or discard the entry when leaving the input mask. 

Take over location from photo or map APP

If you take a photo with the photo APP on your mobile phone/tablet and save the geo information with it, you can automatically generate a PoI by sharing the photo and transferring it to POI MAP. You can then subsequently enter the other supplementary data.  

If you mark a point in the map APP of your cell phone (Apple Maps or Google Maps), you can transfer the point to POI MAP using the “Share” function. The existing additional information such as phone number, opening hours, website, … if available on the Internet, will be added automatically. 


Rate the PoI in POI MAP with a 5-star rating. The height of the rating determines the intensity of the colour of the pin in the map view. 

Description of the PoI

You can enter a user-defined text that is taken into account for the search, as are the other fields. Emoji can also be used. This information is displayed together with the address and distance to the current location also within the map view. 


Use a category for the entry from a list of suggestions that you can extend yourself (hotel, place of interest, bus stop,…) to structure your entries. Categories are included in the search. Category icons are part of the pin. 


Create individual tags for the respective entry or select an entry from the list of tags you have already used. Tags are included in the search.


You can add several images to each entry (up to 8 per entry), which you can select from your photos, or you can take new ones directly. The active image will be used as the title image for the entry. Assigned images are saved with the entry and can also be deleted from the entry without disappearing from your phone’s photo library. You can also delete images from the photo app. These images remain in POI MAP.


We provide a list view as well as a map view. A separate list of favorites provides quick access to personally important items. You can switch between the different displays at will. The searches carried out (also several in combination) and their results are transferred between the views.  


Each entry can be defined as a favorite. A list of favorites can be accessed at any time.


For the search functionality we use all fields as well as the description (free text). The combination of search terms is possible. The search and its results are transferred between the views (list or map). 


Individual entries can be shared both from the detail view and from the list view. Here an image and the data are transferred.


For each PoI the GEO coordinates are stored locally. You can easily navigate to the PoI. For this we transfer geographic information to the map app of the respective device. 

UBER / Lyft

With a single click, the PoI data is transferred to the transport service you have selected and directly planned (if available). You can therefore book a trip very comfortably and quickly. 

Expert mode

In the expert mode the geo coordinates can be modified manually or entered directly. The expert mode must be enabled in the settings. 

Data backup 

Basically, the data is saved with the backup of the device. You can also create a backup file that can be saved or shared as required. You can also send this file via mail or other services. A double click on the file opens the APP and imports the secured Points of Interest after confirmation of a security query.

Import / Export

Under Settings, “Manage POI”, a menu item for exporting data from POI MAP is now available. Export is possible in original “ppoi” format or in KML and GXP format.  

The records to be exported can be selected in a list. This list can be additionally filtered. By confirmation and subsequent selection of the format, these records are exported.

For the import simply click on a file with the extension ppoi, kml or gpx and share it with POI MAP. The import generates a list of the entries of the file from which the records can be marked for import before the final import. 


Under Settings, with ” Manage POI”, there is now also the possibility to delete records from POI MAP

The records to be deleted can be selected in a list (see Import / Export). This list can be additionally filtered.

By confirmation, these records are deleted after an additional security prompt.